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ISSN : 2092-8475(Print)
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Journal of International Academy of Physical Therapy Research Vol.12 No.2 pp.2338-2344

The Effect of Kinesiology Taping on Suprahyoid Muscles Activity in Community-Dwelling Elderly People

Heejeong Kima, Heesu Choia, Yonghwa Kowna
aDepartment of Occuptional Therapy, Kyungdong University


Background: The therapeutic exercise method using kinesiology taping (KT) has been reported to be effective in activating the suprahyoid muscle in healthy adults. However, its applicability and effectiveness are not known to the physically vulnerable elderly.
Objectives: To investigate the effects of kinesiology taping on the activity of suprahyoid muscles in community-dwelling elderly people. Design: Repeated measure design.
Methods: We enrolled 23 healthy elderly adults (age range 60–75 years) with no history of neurologic disease. Participants performed five consecutive spontaneous swallowing actions at 5-second intervals under three conditions (KT with 80% stretch, placebo-KT, and non-KT. Activation of the suprahyoid muscles during swallowing in the three conditions was measured using surface electromyography (sEMG). In addition, a 0–10 numerical rating self-report scale was used to evaluate the required effort and the resistance felt during swallowing.
Results: KT with 80% stretch were significantly higher in sEMG mean value, peak value, required effort, and resistance felt during swallowing compared to other two conditions (P<.05, all). KT with 80% stretch required the most effort during swallowing and, consequently, has a positive effect on increasing suprahyoid muscle activation.
Conclusion: Our results could be taken into consideration in therapeutic exercise method for suprahyoid muscle in dysphagia rehabilitation.




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