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ISSN : 2092-8475(Print)
ISSN : 2714-0148(Online)
Journal of International Academy of Physical Therapy Research Vol.9 No.2 pp.1508-1512

Effect of Joint Movement on CVA in Forward Head Posture

Seong bum Hong
Howon University, Gusan, Republic of Korea
Address for correspondence A Howon University, Kunsan, Korea Howon University, 64 Howondae 3gil, Impi, Gunsan city, Jeollabuk-do.Korea Tel : 82-10-4918-6595


This study was conducted to examine the effect of joint mobilization on forward head posture and to propose an effective method to improve correct body posture and balance. A total of eight patients from a Maitland-applied group (n=8) received mobilization therapy to increase the mobility of the cervical joint, with Maitland's movement grade III intensity for 30 seconds of treatment and 30 seconds of rest, for ten intervals, three times a week for four weeks. The craniovertebral angle (CVA) changes before and after the intervention with the Maitland technique were measured as 56.85 ± 2.31° before, 63.23 ± 2.23° two weeks after, and 64.98 ± 1.27° four weeks after joint intervention. There were significant CVA changes before and after the Maitland technique (P <.05). The results of this study suggest that the Maitland technique is useful for improving the head vertebral angle in patients with forward head posture




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