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Enactment October 1, 2009
First revision March 1, 2010
Second revision December 07 , 2018

Article 1 (Purpose) The purpose of this regulation is to stipulate matters concerning the composition and operation of the Editorial Committee (abbreviated as "this committee") in accordance with the “JIAPTR” Articles of Association.

Article 2 (Structure)
This committee is structured as follows:
1. One editor-in-chief
2. Within 20 editors (including the editor-in-chief)

Article 3 (Appointment and Term of Office)
1. The editor-in-chief is appointed by the chairman from among members with outstanding academic achievements.
2. The recommended editors are selected by the editor-in-chief and appointed by the chairman.
3. The terms of office of the editors, including the editor-in-chief, are each two years and may be reappointed.

Article 4 (Task)

The main tasks of this committee are as follows:
1. Manuscripts submitted to our society's official journal "JIAPTR" are received and reviewed for publication.
2. Edit and publish "JIAPTR".
3. Edit and publish other academic books.

Article 5 (Operation)
1. This committee selects and commissions reviewers for each manuscript in order to review the publication of articles submitted to the 'JIAPTR' and decides whether to publish the manuscript based on the reviewers' comments.
2. This committee is convened once a year but may be convened when the chairperson deems it necessary, or when there is a request for a majority of the editorial board.
3. Meetings of this committee shall be opened with the attendance of at least two-thirds of the editors, and resolutions shall be made with the approval of a majority of the attendees. The chairperson has the right to vote, and in the case of an equal number, he has the right to decide.
4. The editor-in-chief of this committee may form subcommittees for each specific field as needed.
5. The editor-in-chief of this committee may appoint an editorial secretary to perform his/her duties efficiently.
6. The budget required for the activities of this committee is organized by this committee and requested to the chairman of the society.

Article 6 (Editing and Review)
1. The journal is published four times a year (March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31).
2. The editorial committee manages the review and adoption of thesis according to the submission regulations and thesis review regulations.
3. Thesis review rules follow the thesis review rules of this committee. The selection of reviewers is commissioned by the editor-in-chief in consultation with the editors.
4. The list of editorial board members and submission rules will be published in each issue.
5. This committee sets separate regulations for submission and review of journal articles and publishes them once a year in journals, and the editor-in-chief or editors may reject the submission of papers written inconsistent with the regulations for editing and submission of journal articles.
6. Submitted research manuscripts are decided on whether to be published after a predetermined review determined by the separate academic journal dissertation review regulations, and the academic journal dissertation review rules can be revised with the approval of two-thirds or more of the members of the committee.

Article 7 (Outside the Regulations)
Matters not provided for in this regulation shall be subject to the decision of this committee.

Supplementary Provisions

1. Revision of this regulation must be approved by the general meeting after deliberation by the board of directors of this committee.
2. This regulation takes effect from September 4, 2009.

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