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ISSN : 2092-8475(Print)
ISSN : 2714-0148(Online)
Journal of International Academy of Physical Therapy Research Vol.12 No.1 pp.2267-2271

Home Based Dysphagia Rehabilitation for Stroke Patients Using Information and Communication Technology

Heejeong Kima, Yonghwa Kowna, Heesu Choia
aDepartment of Occuptional Therapy, Kyungdong University
Heesu Choi, Prof., PhD
Department of Occuptional Therapy, 815, Gyeonhwon-ro, Munmak-eup, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea


Background: Recently, a new home-based dysphagia rehabilitation method using information and communications technology (ICT) has been reported, but clinical evidence is still lacking. Objectives: To investigate the effects of home-based dysphagia rehabilitation using ICT on tongue muscle strength and volume in patients with developed dysphagia after stroke.
Design: Randomized controlled trial design.
Methods: Twenty patients who developed dysphagia after stroke were enrolled. The experimental group received dysphagia rehabilitation in the form of ICT-based home care. In contrast, the control group received traditional rehabilitation based on swallowing under the supervision of occupational therapists. All interventions were conducted five times a week for four weeks. Results: Both groups showed statistically significant increases in tongue muscle strength and volume after the intervention (P<.05, both). However, there were no significant differences in tongue strength or volume between the two groups after the intervention (P>.05, both). Conclusion: Home-based dysphagia rehabilitation using ICT showed effects similar to those of conventional swallowing rehabilitation in patients who developed dysphagia after stroke. These findings suggest that dysphagia rehabilitation can be conducted at home without the help of a therapist.




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