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ISSN : 2092-8475(Print)
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Journal of International Academy of Physical Therapy Research Vol.12 No.2 pp.2345-2353

Does the Addition of Upper Thoracic Manipulation to Proprioceptive Training Improve Cervicocephalic Joint Position Sense and Forward Head Posture in Asymptomatic College Students?

Grace Battala,Nibal Alia,Rima Chamouna,Berthe Hanna-Boutrosa,b
aPhysical Therapy Department, Lebanese University
bPhysical Therapy Department, Holy Family University


Background: This study evaluated the effectiveness of upper thoracic manipulation (UTM) and proprioceptive training versus proprioceptive training alone on forward head posture (FHP) and cervicocephalic joint position sense (CJPS) in asymptomatic university students during a short interval of time.
Objectives: To evaluate whether the suggested combination would provide greater benefit, and be superior to proprioceptive training alone in improving proprioceptive acuity and head posture. Design: A single-blind randomized controlled trial.
Methods: Thirty-three university student volunteers with asymptomatic FHP were recruited. Subjects were randomly assigned to a manipulation group (n=16) receiving UTM combined with proprioceptive training or a proprioception group (n=17) receiving proprioceptive training only. The intervention period lasted 5 weeks in total, and consisted of one 15 to 20-minute session per week. FHP and CJPS were assessed before and after the intervention.
Results: A significant pre- to post-intervention decrease in FHP and joint position error was identified in both groups (P<.05). Subjects in the manipulation group demonstrated greater improvements in CJPS and head posture compared to the proprioception group (P<.05). Conclusion: These findings support employing either intervention for treating asymptomatic students with FHP. However, the addition of UTM to proprioceptive training was more effective than proprioceptive training alone in reducing joint position errors and improving head posture.




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