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ISSN : 2092-8475(Print)
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Journal of International Academy of Physical Therapy Research Vol.12 No.4 pp.2509-2515

Comparison of Open and Closed Kinetic Chain Core Exercises for Balance and Vertical Jump Height in Chronic Ankle Instability

Mina Gim, PT, PhDa, Junghyun Choi, PT, Prof., PhDb
aDepartment of Physical Therapy, Wonkwang Health Science University, Iksan, Republic of Korea;
bDepartment of Physical Therapy, Namseoul University, Cheonan, Republic of Korea


Background: Since chronic ankle instability (CAI) can adversely affect postural control, core stability exercises have been investigated to improve postural control. However, only a few studies have focused on kinetic chain exercises.
Objectives: To investigate the effects of open kinetic chain (OKC) and closed kinetic chain (CKC) core stability exercises on static and dynamic balance abilities and vertical jump height in CAI patients.
Design: Randomized controlled trial.
Methods: The 18 participants enrolled in this study were randomly divided into the OKC group (n=9) and CKC group (n=9). Static and dynamic balance abilities and vertical jump height were measured before and after the intervention. The intervention program comprising OKC or CKC core stability exercises depending on the groups was conducted for 30 min twice a week for 6 weeks in 12 sessions.
Results: In the OKC group, static measured with the eyes open or closed and dynamic balance abilities were significantly improved after the intervention (P<.05). In the CKC group, dynamic balance ability was significantly increased (P<.05). A significant difference was observed in static balance ability measured with the eyes open between the two groups (P<.05). Vertical jump height was significantly increased after the intervention in both groups (P<.05).
Conclusion: OKC and CKC core stability exercises improve static and dynamic balance abilities and vertical jump height in CAI patients. Specifically, the OKC core stability exercise was more effective in enhancing static balance ability than the CKC core stability exercise.





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