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ISSN : 2092-8475(Print)
ISSN : 2714-0148(Online)
Journal of International Academy of Physical Therapy Research Vol.13 No.2 pp.2597-2605

Evaluation of Wrist Joint Pain Control Effect Using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Mobile Device

Jungsu Kim, RT, Prof., PhDa, Soonmu Kwon, RT, Prof., PhDa, Kwansub Lee, PT, Prof., PhDb, Gewhun Kang, MD, Prof.b,c, Jeonhyeong Lee, PT, Prof., PhDb
aDepartment of Radiologic Technology, Daegu Health College, Daegu, Republic of Korea
bDepartment of Physical Therapy, Daegu Health College, Daegu, Republic of Korea
cDepartment of Orthopedic Surgery, Daegu Health College Hospital, Daegu, Republic of Korea


Background: The transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TNES) is the most used non-invasive treatment method in physical therapy. As the mobile TENS (MTENS) has become popular, patients with pain have started using MTENS to reduce pain.
Objectives: To evaluate pain, range of motion, and muscle strength before and after using MTNES in patients with wrist pain.
Design: Quasi-experimental research.
Methods: We conducted an experiment with 80 patients; 15 patients were dropped out, and 35 and 30 patients were evaluated in the experimental group (EG) and control group (CG), respectively. Before and after using MTENS for 4 weeks, patients were evaluated using visual analogue scale (VAS), grip power, range of motion (ROM), and digital infrared thermography imaging (DITI). In the EG, electricity was applied for the MTENS device, while electricity was not applied in the CG.
Results: A significant difference in pain reduction was observed between the EG and CG. In the EG, a significant difference in grip strength was also noticed before and after using the MTENS; patients showed significantly increased power grip and tip pinch. A significant difference was observed in pre-rest and post-test wrist ROM and DITI values.
Conclusion: MTENS is an appropriate procedure for patients with wrist pain.





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