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ISSN : 2092-8475(Print)
ISSN : 2714-0148(Online)
Journal of International Academy of Physical Therapy Research Vol.15 No.1 pp.3072-3083

The Effects of Rehabilitation Sports Program using PNF on Body Composition and Function and Quality of Life for Stroke: A Preliminary Study

Changryeol Lee
Department of Physical Therapy, Korea Nazarene University, Cheonan, Republic of Korea


Background: The reduction in physical activity in stroke patients weakens their health and lowers their quality of life. There is a need for the development of effective exercise programs to enhance the physical activity of chronic stroke patients. Objectives: The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of a rehabilitation sports program using Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) on the body composition, physical function, and quality of life of stroke. Design: Single group study. Methods: This study was conducted on 9 chronic stroke patients. The exercise program, which applied PNF, was carried out in group sessions twice a week for 50 minutes each over 8 weeks. Participants were assessed before and after the exercise program using InBody, Fugl-Meyer Assessment for Upper Extremity (FMA-UE), Grip Strength, 10-Meter Walk Test (10MWT), Timed Up and Go Test (TUG), Functional Reach Test (FRT), and completed the 36-Item Short Form Health Survey (SF-36) questionnaire. Statistical analysis was performed using paired t-tests for pre- and post-exercise comparisons and the Wilcoxon signed-rank test for evaluating the effects of the exercise program. Results: The results of this study showed differences in weight (P>.05), BMI(P>.05), body fat (P>.05), FMA-UE (P<.05), Grip Strength (P<.05), 10MWT (P<.05), TUG (P<.05), FRT (P<.05), SF-36 (P<.05). Conclusion: This suggests that the rehabilitation sports program using PNF can be used as an exercise program to enhance physical activity, improving physical function and quality of life in chronic stroke patients.




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